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Our focus is on clearing all available heroic mode content with a relatiely modest raiding schedule using only highly experienced and skilled players! We are a competitive bunch, and strive to reach the maximum potential of our classes in order to be a guild that can be in the race for making server first kills. While having a humorous approach to raid communication we still expect our members to be self sufficient, and be able to correct mistakes, be able to analyze game mechanics as well as UI and share insights with the raid. Welcome to our website
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Heroic Odyn down! + Normal Clear

by Grislythehunter, 20 days ago

Wow Odyn HC was hard, it felt like a mythic boss.

Everyone needs to not fail on P1 and P2 and in P3 it is the tanks time to not fail image.

We swapped players arround abit with scaling down and stuff.

Our Healer Skur made a point that it should be easier if we went 2/4/14 players, so we inv the players we sad out sunch as to get Sanzk in as healer but we where missing our 2 trials dps Borbo + Deskface, that for some reason was not online.


We cleared Normal asswell.



The kill shoot:

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Dragons Mythic

by Grislythehunter, 21 days ago

1 week ago, last sunday we killed Dragons Mythic.

Grisse was slowing the raid down tanking from internet cafe with no addons, some say i went true mythic raiding not addon bullshiit image haha.

We used Rank 1 tactic sending in our 4 man winning team in portal, Unsta, Voksi, Kielon and DemonJager.

It was nice to get it down, cause raid was gettin hectic, since everyone had to do something.



Malyniak took screenshot and yes he failed on that, like i failed on taunting, but still we where victorious in the end image


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Ursoc Mythic

by Grislythehunter, 21 days ago

Down goes the big bear 30/10, yes some days ago, i have been slacking.

Gris and Clifton(Thrym) learned to taunt swap and we go it down.

Like Thyrm said, "another one" image or something.

Thrym died 3 times and everyone els surived haha.


Kill pic on Grisses old PC.


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